Are you ready to flip the script to gain back confidence, well-being, energy, time, and relational health?

What If You Can Shift Your Beliefs And Not Wait 21 Days Or More To Change Your Thinking Habits?

Flip Your Script

Cognitive Release Coaching Helps You:

Essential Cognitive Release CoachingTM Packages Include:

  • 20- (60) minute Cognitive Release CoachingTM sessions: You will feel loved, safe, heard, seen, and valued as you share your hopes, dreams, beliefs, and heart.
  • 20- individualized Cognitive Release CoachingTM Resources: Resources will be provided after your coaching session to help you deeper dive into your belief patterns or reflect on the topic of focus.
  • 2- (60 minute) Follow-Up Coaching Sessions
  • 4- (15 minute) Monthly Check-Ins Following The Completion of Coaching Sessions: Check-in to see where you are at with your goals.
  • Mindset Assessment (ongoing): Complete a weekly mindset assessment tailored to the area and beliefs that you want to shift.
  • Brain Skill Assessment (3): Take a brain skill assessment that will identify your top brain skill strengths and brain skill growth areas. Develop short term action steps one at a time to shift each brain skill.
  • Executive Brain Skill Growth and Improvement Strategies (4): Gain skills that improve your brain functions so that you can excel with creativity and reduce time with your workload.
  • Life-Mapping Mission and Vision Sessions (4): Identify all of the hopes, dreams, skills, passions from childhood to adult to identify your life mission and vision statements for your personal and professional life.
  • Goal-Setting and Action Planning: Identify plans for to launch or accelerate your current business strategies in area of using your voice, planning content, or creating content for marketing purposes. Or, use these sessions to help you clarify your purpose and mission.
  • Results Tracker Excel Sheet: Track your achieved goals and change of beliefs using the Results Tracker Sheet to celebrate every step of action completed.
  • How often do I schedule sessions? Sessions are typically scheduled bi-weekly to allow time to complete action steps and deeply dive into the cognitive release resources.
  • What if I have worked through some beliefs? Most clients have come to me and worked through some beliefs. They were surprised when they had hidden narratives and negative beliefs that were still tied back to the work they did. Once they broke these beliefs, they 10x their business, began business, and gained back confidence and direction. You can spend years going over the same belief or spent 1-2 sessions completely uprooting your belief in that area to move forward.
  • Do I have to pay for the coaching package in full? The coaching package can be paid in full and, as a bonus, you get 2 additional coaching sessions added to your package. . Or, you have options for payment plans.
  • How do I schedule sessions? You will receive a link to schedule your bi-weekly coaching sessions.
  • What if I am unsure of the main beliefs holding me back? It is common for people not to know their main belief(s). We will pinpoint this at the beginning of each session tailored to your focused topic.
  • How will I keep track of my results? You will have access to the weekly coaching folder with the coaching resources and weekly focused coaching topic notes. A results tracker will be in the folder to list every session. The tracker will be reviewed every session.
  • What if I do not have time for coaching? You have to decide what is your top priority. If you feel stuck, you are worth moving forward and achieving your goals to receive increased time back, gain clarity and focus, begin your business, gain back creativity, and gain back energy, gain back confidence, gain back stability, and gain back your voice to speak.


Dr. Amanda Helman specializes in education, mental health, leadership, and insight together to empower you to clarify your plan and run with it! She has over 22 years in the field of education, leadership, and mental health experiences combined in educational, institutional, community-based, and community settings. Not only does Dr. Amanda Helman have specialty and expertise from degrees and certification, but she has spent decades learning how to rewire the brain and moving through complex traumas. She is passionate about empowering people to find their voice and value and bring forth that value into their careers, business, corporations, communities, regions, and in nations.

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