ReVamp Your Voice Coaching

ReVamping Your Voice To Make Waves With Your Voice in 30 Days or Less!

You have made breakthroughs with your voice.

Yet, you KNOW there is more!

Get ready to revamp your voice so that you breakthrough the rest of the fears of using your voice and disliking your voice.

It’s time NOW to get your voice back up and running in its fullness to impact not only you, but other people!

Why continue to focus on using and liking your voice?

  • You want ALL of the breakrhrough of fears that hold you back from using your voice.
  • Your voice analysis indicates there ais more work to do to help you hone in and breakthrough barriers that impact you fully showing up as yourself and using your voice.
  • You want to heal and shift all areas that you dislike your voice so that you can move
  • forward in your God-given design and show up for those you want to serve.
  • Your voice analysis indicates there is more work to do for you to like your voice.

It’s Time To Take Back and ReVamp Your Voice!

You are worth your investment.

Meet Dr. Amanda Helman

Dr. Amanda Helman specializes in education, mental health, leadership, and insight together to empower you to unlock the parts within yourself that hold you back. Then, you can move forward and run with it! She has over 22 years in the field of education, leadership, training, consulting, and mental health experiences combined in educational, institutional, community-based, and community settings. Not only does Dr. Amanda Helman have specialty and expertise from degrees and certification, but she has spent decades learning how to rewire the brain and moving through complex traumas. She is passionate about empowering people to find their voice and value and bring forth that value into their careers, business, corporations, communities, regions, and in nations.

What Does The ReVamp Your Voice Coaching Package Include?

Core Components

  1. (2)- 45 minute individualized coaching sessions with Dr. Amanda Helman that include innovative voice strategies, questioning strategies, and brain skills to shift your voice beliefs quickly in 30 days or less
  2. 2 individualized coaching resources for each sessions tailored for you to move into deeper breakthrough between each session
  3. In-depth Voice Analysis: Go deeper into different voice fears, anxieties, beliefs, and ways you might like or dislike your voice to find breakthrough that is sustainable.
  4. (2) 5-10 minute video audits (pre-post sessions) of you taking action steps to practice going live, share on social media, practice for speaking. You will send in your video and then receive feedback from Dr. Amanda Helman based on a voice auditing checklist to continue enhancing voice usage and enjoyment.
  5. Specific tailored voice goals: You will hone in on specific voice usage or voice-like goals that will lead to the voice audit outcome of using your voice in a specific setting and situation.

Bonus Components

  1. 15-minute follow-up session with Dr. Amanda Helman to discuss voice goals: You will spend 15-minutes identifying your goal, breaking through any barriers, and revistiing pre-post voice analysis goals
  2. Unlimited access to Dr. Amanda on Voxer during the week (Monday-Thursday) to discuss voice goals over a period of 4 weeks.
  • $200 off of Dr. Amanda Helman’s courses/coaching session offers/ coaching package offers through Healthy Roots LLC Cognitive Release Coaching (3-month expiration)
  • Fast Action Bonus: Pay In Full In First 24 hours (First 3)
  • Get one BONUS 45 minute ReVamp Your Voice Individualized Coaching Session with Dr. Amanda Helman when you pay in full after the first 24 hours of the live session.

Start NOW to get your voice ReVamped and to use with confidence, ease, and peace as you enjoy speaking again!

Get started by purchasing this offer pay in FULL to get the FAST ACTION bonus special of one extra session of coaching with Dr. Amanda Helman within the first 24 hours of this offer!

or additional payment option of 6-payments of $97 by clicking the link below BEFORE July 15th at Midnight EST!

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