Are you ready to use your voice consistently with confidence, stability, and ease?

Grab your seat for the upcoming Masterclass to empower you to break through the fears of using your voice!

Do you feel confident to speak freely to anyone across settings because your voice has great value?

What is the Unlock Your Voice! Masterclass?

  • Identify 10 common fears of using your voice 
  • Breakthrough your top fears of using your voice 
  • Complete a voice assessment to determine your voice usage 
  • Breakthrough individual and family voice dislike beliefs 
  • Learn 4 voice strategies for confidence and ease to use after the session.
  • You are ready to leave anxiety, stress, and doubt about your voice behind.
  • You want to value your voice.
  • You want to share what you have to say across settings no matter who are speaking to at that moment.
  • You want to gain back and use your voice and stop hiding it.
  • You know it is time to begin consistently using your voice.
  • You want to stop the endless cycles of criticizing your voice.

Get Ready To Break Free of Voice Fears and Dislikes!

Join Expert Dr. Amanda Helman, Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Cognitive Release Coach for the Unlock Your Voice! Masterclass

Dr. Amanda Helman specializes in education, mental health, leadership, and insight together to empower you to unlock the parts within yourself that hold you back. Then, you can move forward and run with it! She has over 22 years in the field of education, leadership, training, consulting, and mental health experiences combined in educational, institutional, community-based, and community settings. Not only does Dr. Amanda Helman have specialty and expertise from degrees and certification, but she has spent decades learning how to rewire the brain and moving through complex traumas. She is passionate about empowering people to find their voice and value and bring forth that value into their careers, business, corporations, communities, regions, and in nations.

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