How to Navigate Depression Through Difficult Times with Craig Miller

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Dr. Amanda invited Craig Miller, a licensed counselor author, and speaker, discusses how to navigate through depression. He provides practical tips and resources.

Description of the Interview with Craig Miller (Note: This is a verbatim transcript.)

Timestamps of Important Topics During the Podcast

40 seconds: Craig: There is a healthy side of depression. You may be depressed if you have a blue day. Constant sadness and hopelessness is depression. It is about a blue life.

3:00: Dr. Amanda: Do you find males and females tend to respond differently with the external and internal with depression?

3:05: Craig: There is a difference in depression between men and women.

5:50: Craig: Ask men what are you thinking? rather than what are you feeling?

6:20: Craig: The more feelings we hold in, the more depressed we become.

9:45: Dr. Amanda: If you are a man, it is helpful to ask the man what are you thinking? and give a pause in relationships.

12:08: Craig:  Create the ability to release what you feel to reduce depression.

14:19: Craig: Our internal belief of reality can create our external belief of reality and it can occur beginning in childhood and lead through adulthood.

15:05:  Dr. Amanda: What are ways to cope with depression?

16:05: Craig: The longer we have lived with something, the longer it becomes my identity. What goes on inside of our mind. If we have it so long we may keep it as a friend. If I let this go I don’t know how to be happy.

17:05: It is almost like a safety blanket. What happens if you release it? There is no shame in your history of going through this. There is a process to get to hope.

18:05: Dr. Amanda: Craig, what else will help the audience?

18:20: There are ways to support those with depression.

19:25: Our dietary lifestyle and nutrition impact our mood.

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