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Thank you for getting a FREE video from the Traumaplicity Course that is also part of my Voice-Vision-Velocity Coaching Package. Let me guess…you purchased my Silent No Longer: Finding My Voice After Complex tbook available on Amazon and saw that I offer a sneak peek of my introductory Traumaplicity Course! This video will give you tools and insight on how trauma impacts family lines. Every family deserves to connect, communicate and heal together. The Power of  Words Video shows how important what we say and how we say it builds relationships.

Watch the Power of Words here:

In this video, I discuss the Power of Words in this video.

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My name is Dr. Amanda Helman and I am an author, mindset coach, and a speaker. I am passionate about empowering people to use their voice and speak their message because both matter. A voice is a voice no matter how it sounds. I have spent over 20 years in education, mental health, and leadership roles and I continue to grow and evolve! Check out blogs, coaching, courses, and upcoming summits and workshops on!

The  Traumaplicity Course is an 8-week course includes the following coursework:

  1. Types and Combinations of Generational Trauma
  2. How Trauma Impacts the Brain and Gut Connection
  3. Sexual Trauma
  4. Dimensions of Safety
  5. Generational  Trauma
  6. Permission to Heal
  7. Connect to Communicate
  8. Intent and Agenda
  9. Bonus: Leaving Doubt and Compromise
  10. Power of Words for Individuals and Families to Shift Language and Mindset

These 15-30 minute videos provide background information, engagement, tips and tools, and questions to work through weekly or before the next video! Each topic includes a helpful resource to break down concepts one simple step at a time. This course is appropriate for community members and leaders who want to get inside tips into the trauma process down to the roots of where it begins.

I am so glad you are going to watch the Power of Words video here:

Take care,

Dr. Amanda Helman



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