The Creation and Development of, “I Am Worthy, Valued, and Loved.

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What was the purpose of creating this book? 

 I had been thinking about how much children look up to their parents and depend on them,  Kids need to hear the truth about their identity; they need to be told that they are significant and worthy, no matter what they do. I wanted to put a book in their hands that would encapsulate those ideas; so one afternoon, I jotted down some simple statements, and the book took off from there. The writing flowed naturally out of my belief system about the great value of every human being.

When did you decide to publish the book?

After I wrote the book, I realized that the artwork would be a very important factor in conveying the concepts. Fortunately, a fellow doctoral students expressed interest, and she proved to be just the right illustrator. Neither of us had a background in developing and finalizing a children’s book, so the creation process was a journey of discovery.

What is the purpose of the book?

 I intended this book as a reminder for children that, even though they make mistakes, they never are a mistake. However, I realized this book is for every age and every season of life; as adults we all need to hear this message, too. We all have an inner, childlike nature, that needs to be nurtured daily.

What is your favorite part of the book

I love all the powerful, “I am”, statements; however, my favorite part of the book empowers children of different ages and diverse backgrounds to use their voices to speak about how the book made them feel. I also love the picture of the girl picking her nose and the boy eating “toe jam”. These raw, unformed moments of childhood will hopefully be amusing.  I also like the range of emotions (sadness, anger, fear, silliness and joy), which typify our day-to-day experience in real life.

What is your dream with this book?

My dream is for children everywhere to have access to this book and the abundant words of life spoken throughout it. I want them to know that they are loved.

Note: Please look at the PBS lesson where I shared a lesson that incorporated the book, “I am Worthy, Valued, and Loved”. I also included a podcast with Sandy Eldridge that discussed my book. Below is information for how to purchase the book.

*This lesson is for children ages 3 through 12. Children are reminded of the importance of knowing who they are and how much they are loved. “Knowing who you are”, and “Accepting yourself”, statements are part of the K-12 standards for career readiness. If a child is sure of their identity, they will be able to begin dreaming about what they will do in the future.

Podcast Interview with Sandi Aldridge from New Worlds Book Author Interviews

In this interview, I discuss the purpose for creating the book, and the importance of speaking healthy self-worth statements over ourselves daily.—Interview-with-Amanda-Helman–Ph-D—author-of-the-childrens-book-I-am-Worthy–Loved–and-Valued-eeik43?fbclid=IwAR2U4qzh4sZdJ61EJrn3yFYBs4Dyq6p8GlPuXscIt-6bmSZFxa3oL8ssTZM

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